Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment

Seriously safe, seriously heavy duty, seriously unique lifting equipment.

Lifting Equipment

The Safety, Durability and user friendly Ergonomics are the basis of the unique design philosophy underlying our extensive range of heavy duty lifting equipment. From the simple and easy to use one piece Supa Jack to the All Terrain Pump Cart; our jacks have performed in some of the harshest weather conditions and mining conditions around the world.

The range is wide and varied. From a one piece Supa Jack lifting 40T to our largest lift module of 175T. Differing strokes are available, ranging from 13 inches to 24 inches, with stroke lengths also being able to be custom made.

All our lifting equipment comes in two different operating models. If your workshop is souly air, then our air over hydraulic motors will suit, otherwise we have electric over hydraulic.

A variety of accessories are available with the lifting equipment. Load Holding rings, extensions, swivel saddles and steel base adapters, all have the operator's safety in mind. Load holding rings and extensions are made from lightweight aluminium with fully welded lifting handles and large diameter interlocking segments for added strength.

When you purchase our Jacking & Lifting equipment we guarantee your getting the best product on the market. The components and materials used in the manufacture of our lifting equipment are of the highest quality. We are customer conscious and will match any lifting equipment to your specific needs.

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Air/Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20T

Ideal jacks where limited storage space is available.

Bull Dog Jack Cart

The Bulldog is a lift module transporter.

Fleetline Professional 22 Ton Jack

Ideal for tyre and wheel services on trucks, tractors and OTR Vehicles.

Modulift Portable Aluminium Jack 90 Tonne

Safety and versatility are the key features of the of the MODULIFT Aluminum jack.


Stands that Hold Up!

SUPAJack 100 Tonne

One piece jacking system. Unitized design for those situations where the versatility of a Mod-U-Lift Jack is not required.

SUPAJack 60 Tonne

One piece jacking system. Unitized design for those situations where the versatility of a Mod-U-Lift Jack is not required

SUPALift 2.5 Component Handler

Pumps, belly pans, transmission - remove them all safely with the SUPALift Component Handler. Capable of lifting loads up 2.5 tonne with its unique ratchet safety system securing the load at every position.