Stability when working under a machine is what you have with SAFESTAND Jackstands for mobile mining equipment.

Part Number Description
1001045 Jack Stand 120T 610 Tall
1001046 Jack Stand 120T 1446 Tall
1001047 Extension 150- Jack Stand 120T
1001048 Extension 250- Jack Stand 120T
1001049 Extension 350- Jack Stand 120T


  • Designed for use in Railway, Mining & Construction
  • Lightweight aluminium constructions, and is easily positioned by one person.(18kg effort required)
  • Large diameter, flip up, pneumatic wheels provide easy manoeuvring and convenient stiorage (600x600mm footprint). Also available without wheels.
  • Retaining strap saddle and extension
  • Extensions of 150mm,250mm,300mm available for variable load heights.
  • For railroad applications the 608mm model with 150mm extension can be used at track level or from the ties.
  • Removable handle provides an extra level of comfort and safety by eliminating the need for personnel to go under the load.

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