Hydraulic Air Pumps

Hydraulic Air Pumps

Designed to provide a versatile safe and quiet operation of a wide range of hydraulic equipment. Complete with internal load limiting device. Available as foot, hand operated or remote control.

Part Number Description
1001142 Pump, Air Hydraulic -PAP001
1001143 Pump, Air Hydraulic -PAP002
1001144 Pump, Air Hydraulic -PAP003
1001145 Pump, Air Hydraulic -PAP004
1001146 Pump, Air Hydraulic -PAP005
1001147 Pump, Air Hydraulic -PAP006
1001148 Pump, Air Hydraulic -PAP007


  • Can be used with a variety of Hydraulic equipment
  • Air exhaust muffler for quiet operation
  • Air pressure 0.6 -1.0Mpa
  • Internal load limiting device
  • Input port thread 1/4" Output 3/8"
  • Various sizes and materials available
  • Reservoir ventilation valves with superior operation and protection.

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