Hydraulic Hand Pump

Hydraulic Hand Pump

Compact design steel, construction, internal pressure relief valve, available in single and double acting. Ultra high pressure models with added features also available.

Part Number Description
1001063 Hand Pump, 820 CM3 Double
1001137 Hand Pump, 820 CM3 Single speed
1001138 Hand Pump, 2300 CM3 Single speed
1001139 Hand Pump, 820 CM23 Double speed
1001140 Hand Pump, 820 CM23 Double speed
1001141 Hand Pump, 1680 CM3 (1/4")

Features Hand Pump:

  • Steel construction for wear and corrosion resistance
  • Compact design for storage and transportation
  • Lower handle effort to minimise operator fatigue
  • Internal pressure relief valve for overload protection
  • Powers a wide range of hydraulic equipment.

Features Ultra High Pressure Hand Pump:

  • Alloy construction - Lightweight corrosion resistant and suitable for harsh environments
  • Two speed action with automatic changeover
  • During low pressure a greater flow is provided to save operating time which will increase working efficiency
  • Built in safety valves provides safe dual protection.

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