Hydraulic & Electric Pumps

Designed pumps for versatile safe and quiet operation…


Our Eagle Pro range of pumps are ultra high pressure, compact in design with a choice of heavy duty steel or plastic construction. These range of pumps are available in single and double acting models.

The PHP series of hand pumps are constructed of heavy duty steel and match to many systems and equipment throughout Australia. An internal high pressure relief valve is built in for overload protection. Compact design allows for easy storage and a lower handle effort decreases operator fatigue.

The ultra High Pressure Series hand pump is made of alloy construction, and delivers high pressure to many systems in the mining industry. They have a two speed action with automatic changeover and a built in safety valve provides safe dual protection. Once again providing high quality, heavy-duty construction and reliability into the Australian mining and industrial sectors.

Hydraulic Pumps

The PAP series of Air Hydraulic Pumps are available in various sizes and material to suit differing systems in the Australian mining and industrial sectors. From a high grade engineered plastic thru to alloy and steel construction they can be used with a variety of hydraulic equipment. With an air pressure of between 0.6 -1.0 Mpa, these units can supply high pressure to any suitable equipment or systems. All units have an air exhaust muffler for quiet operation and the reservoirs are ventilated with superior operation and protection. Reservoirs are available in differing oil capacities. From 1600cm3 to the largest heavy duty air over hydraulic pump holding an oil capacity of 7200cm3.

The MP Series is a lightweight design of electric hydraulic pumps which are quiet, versatile, safe and efficient; suitable for a wide range of hydraulic cylinder equipment. Using a modular approach with a wide range of tank sizes and valve configurations, this series can be customised to a wide variety of different tasks and systems. Designed with a highly efficient electric pump system these are suitable for extended periods of use in the mining and industrial sectors throughout Australia. A full range of tank sizes is available from 4-56 L and construction is from corrosion resistant aluminium.

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Electric Pump

0-700 bar high pressure range, easy operation, available in manual or remote pendant control and suitable for general purpose or heavy industrial applications.

Hydraulic Air Pumps

Designed to provide a versatile safe and quiet operation of a wide range of hydraulic equipment. Complete with internal load limiting device. Available as foot, hand operated or remote control.

Various sizing and materials available.

Hydraulic Hand Pump

Compact design steel, construction, internal pressure relief valve, available in single and double acting. Ultra high pressure models with added features also available.

Maintenance/ Body Repair Kits

Quick lock design for easy assembly, plastic storage case, long handled pumo, flexible hose.

Available in 4 & 10 tonne.