Draft Gear Compressor

Draft Gear Compressor

Draft Gear Compressor. Operated by Air(over Hydraulic), Electric(over Hydraulic), or Hydraulic Hand Pump.

Part Number Description
1000704 Draft Gear Compressor


  • 80 Tonne force
  • Ultra high strength body
  • 1 5/8th" stroke reducing shimming
  • Easy to hold handle making placement easier
  • Three differing keys allowing multiple usages ROTARY, F-KEY and E-KEY
  • Operator safety in mind- hose stays connected eliminating the need to place hands in pinch spots
  • Operated by hand, electric or foot pump
  • An accessory cart is available to store all components in one place and be able to move the whole unit around the workshop

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Specifications :

  • Capacity : 80 Tons
  • Height Low: 9.5" Height High:17.8" Lift:5.16" Screw:3.15"
  • requires 90-120 psi

Draft Gear Compressor Brochure

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