Large Bore Filtered Pressure Gauges

Large Bore Filtered Pressure Gauges
Part Number Description
1000359 Master Large Bore Filtered Pressure Gauge 0-160PSI

This is a purpose built gauge for the earth moving and mining Industries where tyres have a liquid coolant or sealant installed.Standard gauges fail prematurely when contaminated by the installed products. However these gauges have a filtration block assembly to trap the contaminating materials. A longer hose is also standard on the gauges for easier valve access, and attached is a large bore tyre chuck via a quick connect open ended hydraulic coupler. This can be disconnected after a pressure check to allow any contaminating fluids to drain out. It has a 63mm easy to read dial face in 2 lbs increments with a rubber gauge head protector, the whole assembly is lightweight yet robust, and can be recalibrated. A standard bore dual foot air chuck with matching coupler can be added, making this gauge assembly even more versatile.

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