Direct Mining and Industrial is a leading supplier of premier mobile and stationary equipment products and services to the mining industry throughout the Asia Pacific region. With over 15 years’ history and a customer list that includes the biggest names in mining, you know you can trust Direct Mining for all your mobile and stationary mining equipment needs.

Direct Mining has over 15 years' history and a customer list that includes the biggest names in mining, you know you can trust Direct Mining for all your mobile and stationary mining equipment needs.

Our products include the safest range of jacking and lifting equipment, unique mobile fluid filtration units and a wide range of tyre equipment products. The specialised products division designs solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients, all engineered and custom manufactured in Australia.

Company Vision

The mining industry's most trusted partner for mobile and stationary equipment in the Asia Pacific region

Company Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the mining industry's preferred supplier of premier products and services for mobile and stationary equipment applications throughout the Asia Pacific region. We will achieve this by:

  • Providing consistent reputable supply
  • Exceeding our customer's expectations in service, reliability and credibility
  • Consistently selecting only the highest performance quality products for our product mix
  • Focussing on safety, not just internally as a company, but also externally by supplying only the safest products
  • Maintaining our Core Values and continually motivating our employees with our staffing policy of differentiation, accountability and reward
  • Partnering our business with our suppliers and customers to find faster and better solutions to meet our customers' needs

We are proud to share our vision mission and offer our premier services to you.

Our Core Values

We are proud of our core values, developed in consultation with our staff and strive to live by our values every day.

  • To act with integrity above all else
  • Respect for self, respect for others, responsibility for ALL our actions
  • Ensuring accountability to create consistency, giving our people credibility
  • Maintaining professionalism by consistently having the right attitude

Our Quality Policy

Our commitment to quality encompasses all aspects of our business from sales and distribution to engineering and project management.

A Quality System has been implemented and operates successfully across all our divisions. All our employees are committed to up holding this policy through regular training and workplace practices and are aware that quality cannot be compromised.

We encourage employee's suggestions in ways which continually improve our systems with the ever changing pressures and workplace demands.

We will continue our pursuit of internationally recognised accreditation of AS/NZS ISO9001/9002:1994 and will pursue any further accreditation required in any other industry that further strengthens our commitment to our customers.

Quality + Service = "Premier Supplier"

Our Staffing Policy

Our staff is the key to our success, it is why we are here, it is why we are servicing you...

We believe that staff are the single most important key to a successful company.... without the staff there is no product, without the staff there is no support, without all of these there is no company! The management at Direct Mining & Industrial is committed everyday to this policy.

We will continue to provide you with "the best of the best" people, by ensuring we continually evolve the process of differentiation, accountability and reward amongst all our staff. As well as provide a safe stimulating work environment, which embraces comradeship and team building along with continuing training and improvement programs.

We are proud to be known as a non-discriminating employer who brings together people from all types of ethnic backgrounds.

Our Safety Policy

Whether you are an employee, sub-contractor or visitor, your safety is our number one concern here at Direct Mining & Industrial.

Everyone of us has a responsibility for our own safety as well as everybody's safety around them which requires a simple commonsense approach.

As a company we continue to strive to improve all our safety systems and procedures and continue to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Occupational Health and Safety Acts of Australia.

We ask you to "Think Safe & Worksafe" by acknowledging and abiding by all the policy's, procedures and warning signs located within and around any of our facilities.

Your Safety is our Concern!

Our Environmental Policy

Direct Mining & Industrial has made a strong commitment to environmental best practice in all our operations, both locally and internationally. Through a philosophy of "rethink, reduce, re-use, repair, recycle" we will:

  • Minimise or eliminate any negative environmental impacts and use of resources;
  • Work closely with our employees, clients, suppliers and other interested parties to continually refine our work practices and operations to best practice standards;
  • Incorporate best practice environmental management into our core business plans and management practices;
  • Comply with environmental management plans and relevant government policy and legislation;
  • Actively promote and encourage the adoption of ecologically sustainable work practices and operations within the organisation.