Rail Equipment

Rail Equipment

Seriously safe, seriously unique, seriously reliable rail equipment.

Rail Equipment

A range of products are available from Direct Mining and Industrial which have been designed with the rail industry in mind. These products have been designed specifically for the rail industry with some finding uses in the mining and construction sectors as well.

These products are designed with the operators safety in mind and are manufactured using only the highest quality materials and components. All are designed for the maintainence of rail cars from removing pins in the yolk to installing and removal of friction shoes.. Because different rail carriages have differing yolk configurations, there are three different reaction keys which allow the draft gear compressor to be suited to a range of yolk and carriage configurations.

The range of rail equipment is all hydraulic in operation, which therefore lends itself to match perfectly with Direct Mining's range of Eagle Pro hydraulic pumps.

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Draft Gear Compressor

Draft Gear Compressor. Operated by Air(over Hydraulic), Electric(over Hydraulic), or Hydraulic Hand Pump.

Friction Shoe Press

Friction Shoe Press. Surrounds the bolster end and compresses both shoes simultaneously.

KE Pull

20 Ton Cross KE & Pin Puller

Pin Release Tool

Pin Release Tool. Fast and safe installation and removal of gagging pins.