General Purpose 5T - 100T, Single Acting

General Purpose  5T - 100T, Single Acting

High strength alloy steel, heavy duty rod, spring return and baked enamel finish. Available from 5-100 tonne capacity.

Part Number Description
1001173 Cylinder, 5T 16mm
1001174 Cylinder, 5T 25mm
1001175 Cylinder, 5T 76mm
1001176 Cylinder, 5T 178mm
1001177 Cylinder, 5T 232mm
1001178 Cylinder, 10T 25mm
1001179 Cylinder, 10T 54mm
1001180 Cylinder, 10T 105mm
1001185 Cylinder, 10T 156mm
1001186 Cylinder, 10T 203mm
1001187 Cylinder, 10T 257mm
1001188 Cylinder, 10T 305mm
1001189 Cylinder, 10T 356mm
1001190 Cylinder, 10T 356mm
1001191 Cylinder, 15T 25mm
1001192 Cylinder, 15T 51mm
1001193 Cylinder, 15T 152mm
1001194 Cylinder, 15T 203mm
1001195 Cylinder, 15T 254mm
1001196 Cylinder, 15T 305mm
1001197 Cylinder, 15T 356mm
1001198 Cylinder, 25T 25mm
1001199 Cylinder, 25T 102mm
1001200 Cylinder, 25T 159mm
1001201 Cylinder, 25T 210mm
1001202 Cylinder, 25T 260mm
1001203 Cylinder, 25T 311mm
1001204 Cylinder, 25T 362mm
1001205 Cylinder, 30T 310mm
1001206 Cylinder, 50T 51mm
1001207 Cylinder, 50T 102mm
1001208 Cylinder, 50T 159mm
1001209 Cylinder, 50T 337mm
1001210 Cylinder, 75T 156mm
1001211 Cylinder, 75T 334mm
1001212 Cylinder, 100T 168mm
1001213 Cylinder, 100T 260mm


  • Complies to ASME B-30.1 High Strength alloy steel for safety and durability.
  • Inside Cylinder treated to enhance durability.
  • Collar threads, plunger threads and base mounting holes enable easy fixture.
  • Heavy Duty plunger spring return.
  • Hig quality 3/8-18NPT coupling.
  • Baked enamel finishfor increased corrosion resistance.

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