KE Pull

KE Pull

20 Ton Cross KE & Pin Puller

Part Number Description
1000697 KE-Pull


  • Lightweight pull frame. Only 49Lbs
  • Operated by Air, Electric or Hand Pump
  • 20 Tonnes of pulling force
  • 3 points to attach safety harness for safe operation
  • Several adapters available

Related categories:

Part Number Description
1000701 360o Reverse Pull Adapter
1000702 360o Articulated Pin Puller Adapter
1000703 Low Profile Pulling Forks
1000700 360o Quick Pull Adapter

360o Reverse Pull Adapter(PN1000701)

  • Allows the cross key to be pulled from the retaining pin hole by cutting the head off.

360o Articulated Pin Puller Adapter(PN1000702)

  • Used to pull connector pins on articulated cars

Low Profile Pulling Forks(PN1000703)

  • Low profile head designed for removing jammed E-Keys without dropping the train line

360o Quick Pull Adapter(PN1000700)

  • Used on the head of the cross key where the head is easily accessible with no train line interference.

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