Earthmover Bead Breaker IMT 1000

Earthmover Bead Breaker IMT 1000

Designed for unseating tire beads on OTR tyres upto 29 inch diameter.

Part Number Description
10005422 Earthmover Bead Breaker IMT 1000
10005383 Optional 1.25 Gal Air Hydraulic Pump w/hose.


  • For new style 23.5, 26.5 & 29.5 rims
  • Unseat beads on single & multi piece rims upto 29 inch diameter
  • Break down difficult 3 piece earth mover rims with solid black flange/ rim base assemblies and rims with lock ring retainers.
  • Adjustable clamping jaw for large OTR rim flanges on graders, wheel loaders & haul trucks.
  • Bead breaker assembly hydraulically clamps to rims and pushes the tire bead away from wheel flange off bead seat.
  • IMT 10,000 psi Air /Hydraulic Pump is required for operation.

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